Commercial Pest Control Adelaide

With 30 years experience and second to none customer service, you can be sure that Innovative Pest Control will take care of all your commercial pest control needs.

We take the time to familiarise ourselves with your property and ensure the treatment and prevention plans are tailored exactly to your needs.

We’ll look after you

With health and safety more scrutinised as ever, we understand the pressures that are placed on commercial premises to maintain high sanitary standards. As such, we offer a full-service commercial pest control plan. If there is an issue that exists, we treat the problem in a timely and professional manner, as to minimise disruption to your trading. We then take all needed actions to create a preventative plan customised to you to ensure you are ahead of the game.

commercial pest control Adelaide

Elimination and Removal of Pests

Innovative Pest Control SA specialises in the elimination and/or removal of the following pests:

commercial pest control Adelaide

Commercial Pest Control Methods

We can set up an Integrated Pest Management programme in accordance with the HACCP programme.

Commercial Preventative Pest Control Consultations

In order to prevent further or future attack by pests, organise a consultation with our highly qualified and experienced technicians. He can offer the right advice with regards to pest treatments, prevention and programmes.